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Meet Our Invisalign Team

Welcome to Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Brookline and Pembroke, MA. Aside from Dr. Spitz, our team is what makes our practice special. Our team consists of front office staff, dental hygienists, as well as dental assistants. Our team is carefully handpicked so Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry is composed of a dedicated group of dental professionals that will strive to give the highest standards of quality dental care.

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Come meet our awesome team of front desk staff and dental professionals below:

Front Office

Jackie Jones – Operations Manager

Jessica Bhalla in Brookline, MA

Andrew LaPosta in Brookline, MA

Carol Lohmar in Pembroke, PA

Laurie Spitz in Brookline, MA

Dental Hygienists

Alanna Bean in Brookline, MA

Danyelle Dwyer in Pembroke, MA

Nida Veitas-Purins in Brookline, MA

Dental Assistants

Jessica Hard in Pembroke, MA

Amy Corcoran in Brookline, MA

Mindie McMahon in Pembroke, MA

Leo Ostrovsky in Brookline, MA


Dr. Steven D. Spitz in Brookline & Pembroke, MA

Dr. Jay Morgenstern in Brookline, MA

Dr. Kyle Findly in Pembroke, MA

Dr. Victoria Kaplan in Brookline & Pembroke, MA

Dr. Noah Orenstein in Brookline, MA

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